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From want to inform fans, journalists and professional NBA basketball team who is the city of Vitoria – Gasteiz (north of Spain) will play this weekend against the San Antonio Spurs franchise and Memphis Grizzlies, respectively.

The club was called Saski Baskonia and is currently sponsored by Caja Laboral (financial institution in the region of the Basque Country) and previously was best known team in the basketball world by its former sponsor called Tau.

Baskonia was established in our city at Christmas 1959, their representative colors are blue and rojo.Hasta 1972 the team participated in non-professional divisions of local basketball, until the 72-73 season, held a position in the top flight Spanish basketball (now known as the ACB). It was from the 80’s when Baskonia manages to take a qualitative leap in its results, so far very modest.

The 90’s began with the arrival of coach Herb Brown (brother of Larry Brown, who currently is acting as a assistant coach at Charlotte Bobcats), his experience on the bench was very important for the start to be Baskonia a team aspiring to contest the titles of the Spanish basketball and have good performances in competitions europeas.En 1995 the team won its first major title at the national level (The Cup of Spain) and in 1996 his first European achievement (The Eurocup) …

As the seasons succeeded one another, with different players, coaches, templates and projects the winners of the Barca team was growing steadily. Five Cups of Spain (99, 02, 04.06 and 09), three league ACB (02,08,10), presence in the final stages of the Euroleague (01,05,06,07,08) and other tournaments made as the Supercopa ACB (05,06,07,08) … increased the prestige of this innovative and ambitious club.

Fernando San Emeterio making the winning basket ACB League 09/10

As discussed, Caja Laboral Baskonia is currently the champion team of the ACB.This title was achieved against forecast. The difference in budgets, and players employed by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona led to the media, analysts, and the Spanish fans pushed for a final between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.Ambos clubs are the most important and rich basketball ACB, with a rivalry similar to the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics.

But fortunately it did not. The Baskonia which had a younger, inexperienced team that had lost key players who for years had led the team, was able to overcome so much based on the same character and pride. Without any complex set of first to beat Madrid 3-2 in the semifinals and swept 0-3 by Barcelona in an epic final that was decided at the last second of overtime. The forward Fernando San Emeterio succeeded in a daring action of 2 1 scoring the basket that matched the party and the free kick that gave the league title to this small town team to the Euroleague champion. Tiago Splitter was the MVP of the finals and fans of Vitoria held its third league title in its history.


Following this historical overview look for the reasons set somehow Baskonia connection with the NBA, it sounds a little strange.
Without being in a big city, the club has been a club Vitoria “different” from other clubs historic Spanish and European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Athens, Moscow, Rome … Remember the movie Hoosiers?

Sporting and social growth it has experienced in the past 20 years whose main architect Josean Querejeta president. Since his arrival at the offices of Baskonia had the idea that the evolution of the club went through the professionalism and this is fixed in the NBA franchise, what were its operation, organization and manner of making a basketball game event appealing to fans plus a good deal.

This growth at the institutional level on the court was reflected proportionally. Many of his protagonists have been American players, some NBA past who have helped along the 50-year history of this club Baskonia to be increasingly important in an era where distances and differences between the two basketballs were remarkable. The following ranking highlight some names with some connection to American basketball.


Essie Hollis

Educated at the University of St Bonaventure. In 1977 he was champion of the NCAA Tournament NIT. In the Baskonia spent two seasons (83-84 and 84/85), one of the most important players of the competition.


(Abdul Jeelani in the Mavericks)

Abdul Jeelani

His name was Gary Cole, was the first player to score the first basket in the history of the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA in 1980. After a long career in Italy, was in Vitoria in the seasons 85/86 and 86/87.


Larry Micheaux with the number 40 at the University of Houstron)

Larry Micheaux

Belonged to the University of Houston with Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon … who formed the famous “slamma jama phi.” He was in the Baskonia from 1986 to 1990 and was one of the most prominent Americans of the ACB League in scoring and rebounding.

Joe Arlauckas

He played for Sacramento Kings in his rookie season, but was one of the most important players in European basketball 90. In the Baskonia was from 1990 to 1992.Shared with her fellow team as Scott Roth, who was NBA player in Minnesota in addition to joining the coaching staff in the Lakers and Memphis in recent years.


David Wood

His career had a significant presence in the NBA and Baskonia Europa.Jugó the 91/92 season.

Richard “Scotter” Barry

Your stay at the Baskonia (92/93 season) was lower, but leave the story of belonging to an illustrious family of the NBA son of Rick Barry and brother of Jon Barry, Brent Barry.

(Glouckov in the Suns against Abdul Jaabar)

Gerorgi Glouchkov

Barry Scott’s partner was in the 92/93 season, and in the twilight of his career, but it is fair to say that he was the first European to play in the NBA, was in the Suns in 1985.

Ken Bannister

Center served as the Knicks until the arrival of Patrick Ewing, also played in the Clippers. He joined Baskonia 93/94 season.

Kenny Green

Major player in his time at Wake Forest University, his knee problems prevented him from their more productive NBA career. Vitoria arrived in 1994 and stayed until 1997, where he was MVP of the ACB with Baskonia)


(Tony Smith with the Lakers against Kevin Johnson)

Tony Smith

It came with the sign of having been deputy Lakers Magic Johnson in the 90-91 season, played for two months Baskonia the 97/98 season and was replaced by Elmer Bennett.

Elmer Bennett

Formed Notre Dame where he had a brilliant academic career after failing to settle in the NBA, his leap to European basketball led him to be was one of the best guards in the history of the ACB League, Champions Cup in Spain 99 and 02 and ACB League 02 with the Baskonia.


(Anthony Bonner with the Knicks)

Anthony Bonner

Player with a highlight on the Knicks last belonged to Baskonia in the 98/99 season and was Champion’s Cup in Spain.

(Crhis Corchiani with North Carolina State)

Chris Corchiani

Player recognized North Carolina State. Celtics had good experiences, and Orlando, before playing in Europe where large teams also belonged to Champion’s Cup in Spain, ACB League 01/02).

Carlos Arroyo  and Raja Bell (Utah Jazz)

Carlos Arroyo

He played two months in Vitoria by Elmer Bennett’s injury in 2002 but his stay in Baskonia served as a springboard to the NBA.

Raja Bell

Baskonia belonged to in the summer of 2002 but was waived by the club for the various lesions and field issues with the configuration of the team that season, returned to the NBA signed with the Sixers.

(Kornel David on the Bulls)

Kornel David

Great European player who had good years in Chicago, Cleveland … before returning to Europe where he was also important, providing quality seniority and time spent in the Baskonia from 2003 to 2006. He is currently an NBA scout in Europe.

(Casey Jacobsen in Houston)

Casey Jacobsen

Besides playing at Stanford, was an international player in the 1998 Junior Team USA in addition to playing in Phoenix and Memphis. Was Champion Cup in Spain in 2006 with the Baskonia with teammate Travis Hansen (former Atlanta Hawks).

James Singelton

Current Washington Wizards player before Dallas and Clippers. ACB League Champion 07/08 Was the Baskonia in Vitoria also had fellow Americans as Gabe Mouneke and Linton Johnson on temporary contracts.

(Pete Mickeal in Cicinnati)

Pete Mickeal

Born in Rock Island was All American player at the University of Cicinnati, drafted by the Knicks had no luck in his NBA journey, in a move to Europe Baskonia the toast a great qualitative leap in its hitherto slide by means busy world. ACB League Champion 07/08 Was the Baskonia, the MVP of that besides achieving Final Cup in Spain in 2009 with his basket. He recently played the leading role in the victory of his current team against the Los Angeles Lakers in Barcelona.)

get to know palacio 290x476

(MiltPalacio in Utah)

Milt Palacio

Extensive experience NBA from 1999 to 2006. Vancouver, Boston, Cleveland, Toronto, Utah were their various destinations .., gave his experience in Europe for teams like Partizan or mediated before joining Khimki last season by holding the position Baskona leaving Sean Singletary. His seniority was productive to share the base station with young Marcelinho Huertas and Pau Ribas.

COPA04(Tiago Splitter, Andres Nocioni, Jose Manuel Calderon, Luis Scola … Champions Cup in Spain in 2004)


But not only the club Vitoria imported American players to his team, the trend in the last decade has been rather the opposite, has been players that have won major international basketball stars that following grow and reach maturity gave sports jump to the NBA, after having achieved significant successes and challenges in the Baskonia.

The most important examples are:

calderon y garbajosa2_0

(Jose Manuel Calderon, Jorge Garbajosa, along with Pau Gasol and Juan Carlos Navarro in 2007)

Jorge Garbajosa

Baskonia belonged to from 1993 to 2000, he emigrated to Italy, he returned to Spain to play in Manchester and jump to the Toronto Raptors where he spent two seasons (2006-2008). Besides being a major player in the Spanish team, with Baskonia managed to be champion of Spain in the junior, winning the Spanish Cup and Cup Winners Cup.

José Manuel Calderón

Vitoria arrived with just 13 years old in 1994, after the teams gain experience in training and minor leagues, made the leap to Baskonia in 2002, played three seasons until 2005, when he joined Toronto Raptors franchise which still continues to occupy the base station. Was Champion Cup in Spain in 2004 with the team of Vitoria.

(Fabricio Oberto, Andres Nocioni with Manu Ginobilli)

Fabricio Oberto

It was formed in Vitoria player, but if his three seasons at Baskonia (99/02) helped him to grow as a player, after a negative experience in individual move Greecia and then attempt to play in the U.S.. With the ACB Baskonia achieved in 05 of 02 and signed by San Antonio Spurs, where he played 4 years getting to be a champion of the NBA, with compatriot Manu Ginobilli.

Andrés Nocioni

Vitoria came in 1999 with just 20 years from Argentina, was a rough diamond that was gradually own light shine, won the League Baskonia 02 with the Spanish and the cup in 04, before being traded to the Bulls in the summer of 2004, after it belonged to Sacramento and now in Philadelphia.

(Luis Scola to the Houston Rockets)

Luis Scola

He signed with 17 years in Argentina, came three years after the Baskonia as early as 2000. In the seven seasons he played here was considered the most important player in club history, highlighted in sporting and statistical as franchise player. He led much of the collective successes Baskonia. In the summer of 2007 was traded to the Rockets. Houston continues to show the same level of play, talent and ambition which showed in Vitoria or selecting Argentina.Algo that not many players are able to demonstrate

(Tiago Spliiter new San Antonio Spurs player)

Tiago Splitter

Along with Luis Scola, you can describe as the most important pivot club.Llegó born 15 years from Brazil, his perseverance, and commitment to improve every day he was to debut in the ACB League with just 18 years, it became elite player steps slower than their predecessors, but the decisive breakthrough as a player came after the departure of the NBA Scola, fearlessly taking on the role that left the Argentine power forward.Maintained and even increased their level best to be the pivot of European basketball and be a bulwark in the ACB league titles 08 and 10). This season, couples formed inside with Tim Duncan in Spurs.Sin forget the great game he did in the recent World Basketball NBA pivots against the USA team.

After completing this extensive review of the NBA with Baskonia connection and vice versa, is just add a brief discussion of how to get the Caja Laboral Baskonia United States.



nombre posición nac. alt. peso ed. t.
4 Ribas, Pau B ESP 1.96 23 2
6 García, Ander E ESP 1.92 2
9 Huertas, Marcelinho B ITA 1.90 27 2
10 Logan, David E POL 1.84 77 27 1
12 Teletovic, Mirza F BIH 2.06 25 5
15 Musli, Dejan P SRB 2.12 102 19 1
19 San Emeterio, F. E ESP 1.99 26 3
20 Pietrus, Florent F FRA 2.02 29 1
24 Oleson, Brad E ESP 1.91 27 2
42 Barac, Stanko P HRV 2.17 24 4
44 Bjelica, Nemanja A SRB 2.09 102 22 1
promedios 2.00 94 25 2.18
nombre nac. ed. t.
Ivanovic, Dusko 1 MNE 53 8
Gil, David 2 ESP 34 7
Martorell, Antonio 3 ESP 33 2
Jugadores y entrenadores dados de baja
nombre nac. posición
Haislip, Marcus USA F


The current template Baskonia is a very young team and renewed. Marcelinho Huertas, Fernando San Emeterio and Mirza Teletovic are their most important players on those who remain from last season. Brad Oleson Alaksa born in Pau Ribas and national part of the perimeter last season leading the ACB League defeat more sacrifice.

Brand new signings this year are Americans David Logan from the Polish league, and Marcus Haislip, a former San Antonio Spurs, both with major European course (Haislip will be absent due to injury). In addition to the Serbian Nemanja Bjelica and Dejan Musli players still must work hard to be important, but who meet all the qualities to become very good players at europe, also always in mind the objective of reaching the NBA. The club also will attempt to close the deal with one or more players to strengthen the team but did not arrive in time to participate in this tour Memphis and San Antonio.

Baskonia coach Dusko Ivanovic Montenegro is now in its eighth season in the set of Vitoria.

It is hoped the presence of officials representing the city of Vitoria, in the province of Alava and the Basque Country region who will share the American public as our territory, what are the typical products and the most interesting attractions at tourist , social and commercial .. of our land.

I hope that this experience for our team is like the dream that every child has to play against an NBA team, this information will serve to fans and media in Memphis, San Antonio and the rest of the racing fans know a little of our history .
Greetings from Vitoria.

***I apologize if the translation from Spanish to English is not very good. Sorry



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